I understand that the first five days after adoption is to be considered a trial period.  During the five-day trial period, I agree to allow a representative of HPKR to visit the animal at any time, within reason, to verify that the animal is being cared for properly.  During the five-day trial period, I have the option to rescind the adoption for any reason. Upon return of the animal to a representative of HPKR, the entire adoption fee will be refunded.  If adoption is rescinded after the initial five-day trial period, the adoption fee is not refundable unless the animal is determined to be terminally ill by a veterinarian. Happy Paws Kitten Rescue must be contacted with the veterinarian’s diagnosis within six-months of the animal’s initial adoption date. 

I understand that if the adoption fee is not paid, the animal is not mine.  If I do not pay the adoption fee, I will then either have to return the animal to HPKR or make arrangements to pay.  If I do not do this a representative of HPKR will have the right to take the animal back with a written notice to me. 

I understand that the adoption fee covers the cost of spaying/neutering, initial vaccines, de-worming, and other necessary veterinary care.  If the animal is deemed too young to be spayed/neutered and/or have all shots completed at the time of adoption, I will leave an $100.00 deposit check to be held by HPKR until these procedures are completed at the time recommended by a veterinarian. If these procedures are not completed by the predetermined time, I agree that Happy Paws Kitten Rescue may reclaim the animal.   I understand that further tests, vaccinations, and any necessary veterinary care are my financial responsibility.

I agree to provide the animal with proper medical treatment in accordance with my state’s law. I agree to provide wholesome food, freshwater daily, appropriate grooming, adequate shelter, daily exercise, and plenty of affection, even during the trial period. A collar will be kept on my animal at all times bearing at least a rabies tag and an owner identification tag  The animal WILL NOT be an outdoor animal only unless this is discussed and agreed upon by the adopter and Happy Paws Kitten Rescue.  If the animal is a cat, I agree not to have the animal de-clawed.  If the animal is a dog, I agree not to have the animal cosmetically altered (docking of tail or/and cropping of ears). 

I will have my animal cared for by my Veterinarian.   I will transfer the animal’s medical records provided by a representative of HPKR to said veterinarian within seventy-two hours of adoption.  I will have the animal examined at least once every year.  I will provide all health care required by, but not limited to, the aforementioned veterinarian. If the animal becomes ill or injured, I will seek immediate veterinarian care.  I give Happy Paws Kitten Rescue permission to make inquiries of the aforementioned veterinarian concerning the status of veterinarian care of the adopted animal.

I will teach children living with the animal how to properly handle the animal and care for it.  If the children are too young to understand the handling of the animal, I agree to supervise at all times. 

I agree that I will fulfill and keep the following contractual agreement.  If I am unwilling or unable to do so, I agree that the animal may be taken from me at any time by Happy Paws Kitten Rescue or I must return the animal ONLY to a representative of HPKR.  If a foster home cannot be located, I agree to work with Happy Paws to place the animal with another foster within the organization.  I agree that under NO circumstances will I sell, donate, or give this animal to a shelter, pound, another animal rescue organization, animal experiment facility, meat processing facility, raffle, auction, or lottery.  I will not give or sell this animal to another person.  If a person becomes interested in the animal, they must contact Happy Paws and be subject to approval upon filling out and signing the required documentation.  I understand that if I violate this contract in any way, Happy Paws Kitten Rescue may reclaim the animal at any time.   

I understand that Happy Paws Kitten Rescue or its representatives cannot guarantee the animal’s age, health, breed, future size, or temperament. I agree to release the foster, heirs, and Happy Paws Kitten Rescue from any liability or cause of action that happens from or in any way related to the adoption of the animal.  I agree to release from any responsibility the foster, heirs, and Happy Paws Kitten Rescue against any claims for any injury or property damage to me or anyone else. 

I have never been charged or convicted with animal and/or child abuse and/or neglect

I agree that if I violate any part of this contract and/or do not pay the adoption fee in full after the trial period, that the foster and/or Happy Paws Kitten Rescue has the right to immediately take possession of the animal with written notice to me.  I also understand that I will be responsible to pay the foster’s or Happy Paws Kitten Rescue’s attorney’s fees and court cost in the event that this requires the hiring of an attorney to enforce the terms and conditions of this contract. 

I understand that I am legally bound by this contract as soon as a representative of HPKR releases the animal to me.

I hereby attest to the attest to all the above and that I am over the age of 18.

Please Note!! This is a legally binding document please read it it's entirety.

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